Money Management
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Uk registered FUND

Our specialist-trained traders currently trade funds on behalf of other regulated funds with great success. Here at the House of Trading, we want to take full advantage of our highly profitable traders and open our own House Fund.


Set to be based in the UK and regulated by the FCA, our House Fund will see the House of Trading managing invested capital using an asset-backed capital protection fund structure.  We hope to introduce this service quarter four 2018.

Overseas Fund

For our clients who are not resident in the United Kingdom or do not wish to bring their capital onshore, The House of trading will be opening an off-shore House Fund.


Using the same methodology as our UK fund, the House of Trading will be creating an asset-backed capital protection fund with active capital and risk management. We hope to introduce this service quarter three 2018.


From quarter three 2018, the House of Trading will offer you the opportunity to copy the trades of our elite traders directly into your MT4 trading account. As a trader, you will be able to copy the same trades that are taken by our in-house fund traders.


Option 1:

Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee allowing you to copy trades remotely and automatically to your account anywhere in the world.


Option 2:

Open a PAMM (percentage allocation money management) account at a designated broker and share in the total performance in direct proportion to the size of your trading account. You only pay a performance fee if profits are generated.