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Members get all the benefits of our Market Intelligence Service, access to our world-renowned 18-month trading education program and one-on-one tutoring from our expert traders, economists and finance specialists.


For just £175 per month, you can learn to trade from scratch or perfect existing skills in a truly rigorous and supportive environment.


If you want a new challenge learning to trade or turn trading into a successful career or significant second income, then full membership will let you earn as you learn.

  • Two tutoring sessions a month
  • 18-month online video course
  • Five live trading rooms each week
  • Daily & Weekly Market forecasting

  • Five Market Intelligence live evening webinars a week
  • Daily ‘House Watch List’ briefings
  • Weekly and daily email briefings
  • Members only Skype group


Our 18-month trading education program is used by some of the city’s biggest establishments.


Through a combination of online learning, live trading, practice sessions and one-on-one tutoring you will learn to trade using the same methods and techniques as top city traders.


At the House of Trading we don’t do big upfront costs, weekend getaways or offer a confusing selection of different and conflicting courses. Instead we have one, simple, pay-monthly learning program designed so you can earn as you learn.


Upon completion, you will have achieved the same profitability and sustainability as the best city floor traders.


Take a closer look around the course content here.


In addition to your mentoring and support sessions on the House Education program you will also receive fortnightly one-to-one sessions with one of our expert house traders to look at progress and performance.


As a full Member, you will be able to pose questions about current or future trades and get set up for a successful week ahead.


Members also have the HOT community with them every step of the way and during the working week from 9am to 9pm, our traders and analysists are available to talk.

LIVE Trading Rooms

Five days a week our expert traders are online for 90 minutes of live trading, monitoring key Forex and stock markets for opportunities, demonstrating live examples of trading strategies and, most importantly, areas of possible change in market direction.


You will follow along with experienced and profitable traders, taking their live examples of different trading strategies and testing them for yourself.


In addition, every Friday house traders provide a live education session in the live trading rooms running through strategies, methods and techniques to keep your skills fresh and in peak condition.


Learn to trade at your own pace – watch and experience, or get involved and participate, it’s up to you.


Combining live trading and market fundamentals, our daily Market Intelligence webinars give you the heads up on tomorrows markets.


We look at 21 currency pairs plus all the major commodities and Indices each day, analysing which ones are viable and why. Helping you draw your levels, target the most profitable markets and prepare for the next day’s trading.


Our webinars (Sunday-Thursday 18:00 GMT) distil the entire market. Recordings are online within the hour for those who can’t attend live.


To start each week, House analysts and economists produce our in-house Currency Sentiment Forecast. This ground-breaking tool is the only publicly available forecast of its kind, giving you the guidance to accurately pick your trades and trading times each week.


We look at 21 currency pairs, all the major commodities and Indices and show you which market is likely to be most profitable. Existing economic calendars didn’t go far enough for our team, so we went one step further and designed our own forecast.


Forex Forecasts and Market Intelligence briefings combine to deliver a daily Watch List. It shows you which currencies, commodities and indices are showing indications of viable price action over the following day.


Published at 20:00 GMT Monday – Thursday, the Watch List shows members where to concentrate on the most profitable markets each day.


Our written briefings show you how each data release may move the market.


They give you crucial analysis and information about what forecast figures say but, more importantly, what the market believes they mean and their likely directional impact.


It’s the same head start that traders from all the major banks have right there, in the room.

  • Associate Membership

  • £78PCM
  • For beginners and experienced traders, our Market Intelligence Service gives you expert advice and support.
  • Membership

  • £175PCM
  • Access to our 18-month trading education program and one-on-one tutoring from expert traders, economists and finance specialists.
  • Lennard Fellowship

  • £500PCM
  • An Six-month specialisation program designed to give you the skills and track record to become a professional city trader.