Institutional TRADERs (FE)
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Based on academic principles, and with weekly one-to-one tutoring from our experts, our course is a rigorous and supportive learning environment for you to master the art of trading forex and other markets.


You progress at the right pace for you, with testing along the way to hone those key skills to make and keep you profitable. Your course sits alongside our market intelligence service, complimenting your new skills and knowledge with live webinars and market analysis to bring your learning to life each day.


Our trading course is designed for you to earn while you learn. With over 100 individual teaching videos, written course guides and weekly mentoring and support sessions, the House of Trading education has an extremely high success rate with many of our students joining city trading floors.


Learn to trade from scratch or perfect existing skills with extensive support from our house traders, economists and finance specialists.


Our private members have access to our 18-month trading education program and our market intelligence service. We offer daily forecasting, written briefings and evening webinars in addition to one-to-one tutoring sessions, all in combination with online videos to help you stay on top of the most profitable markets.


Upon successful completion, traders can be recommended to our contacts in some of London’s finest trading institutions, investment firms or can join the House of Trading’s trading floor.


In honour of our first member, William Lennard, our Lennard fellows are a highly specialist group who have the potential to become city traders.


We offer space for five traders a quarter who benefit from one-to-one tutoring sessions three times a week and unlimited on-call support from our senior team. This is a staged learning and development program that will take you from expert retail trader to city trader.


In addition, Lennard fellows will have access to our market intelligence service and a 24-month trading education with one-to-one tutoring from our expert traders, economists and finance specialists.

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