House Educators
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Education Department

Mr. Luke Connolly

Head of Education & Business Aquisition 

As head of our education department, Luke is responsible for overseeing the house of trading’s live learning programs alongside our mentoring and tuition sessions. A successful high probability forex trader, when not in the Live Tutoring sessions or embedded in the markets, you will find him actively engaging with our traders in one-on-one sessions.


With oversight and responsibility for expanding the house of trading’s B2B partnerships and client base, you will often find Luke deep in conversation with a broker or planning out service delivery.

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Mrs. Sylvia Salamanca-Espin

Senior Educator

A highly academic person, Sylvia joined The House of Trading from a background in portfolio management having graduated top of her class in Information Systems. With extensive market knowledge and significant trading experience, as a senior educator, you will often hear Sylvia in our market briefings and tuition sessions.


When not on air providing up to the minute market analysis you can find Sylvia harnessing her background in high net-worth portfolios and client management to improve the education departments teaching systems and procedures.

Mr. Tom Craske

Junior Trader –  Technical & Economics

As a Junior Trader Tom takes a top-down approach to trading, harnessing his understanding of macroeconomics and financial markets to help our clients stay up to date with the fundamental factors driving equity, commodity, currency and fixed income valuations.


As a Junior trader Tom combines his specialist economic knowledge with exceptional technical analysis across asset classes to ensure our clients receive a truly rounded view of the markets

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Ms. Genovieve Feasey

Consultant Psychotherapist

For the last twelve years, Genevieve has been a leading specialist in Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders. As the House of Trading’s on call Consultant Psychotherapist Genevieve assists both our staff and clients with the psychological aspect of trading, alongside significant involvement in the educational process and creation of the House of Trading’s unique learning environment.