House Analysts
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Analytics Department

Mr. Pratik Thakar

Head of Analytics & CFO

Pratik has spent over a decade as Market Analyst for several international brands including the London Stock Exchange and Robbins Capital Partners. As Chief Financial Analyst Pratik supervises our in-house team of academics who perform ongoing research and analysis into the wider medium to long-term economic conditions within the world’s major currencies, economies and Indexes.


Alongside his management responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer, Pratik oversees the House of Trading’s regulatory position and legal team ensuring the information we provide is what our clients need.

hassan bw

Dr. Hassan Khoory

Senior Analyst – Energy & Commodity’s

As a Senior Analyst, Hassan oversees and mentors our team of Junior Analysts. Acting as a key technical resource and a contact point for our in-house traders as well as institutional clients.


Having worked in oil and gas industry for more than 25 years, he has an advanced understanding of energy sector and his understanding of foreign exchange and commodities markets together with a superb technical knowledge allows him to act as one of The House of Trading’s leading market experts.

Mr. Asim Esmail

Junior Analyst – Economics & Econometrics

As a junior analyst with a speciality in econometrics and economics, Asim has responsibility for maintaining the house of trading’s currency baskets alongside testing of all house trading models and techniques used by our trading floor and institutional traders.


As a subject matter expert, Asim is responsible for providing up to the minute analysis of fundamental and technical factors in order to project currency forecasts & live market movements providing technical analytic support to the Trading and Education Departments.