Internship Program
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House Internship Program

Internship Foundation

The House of Trading is seeking highly driven, motivated and capable interns to take part in our Remote Internship Program. Unlike most financial services internships The House of Trading is able to offer selected candidates the ability to take take part without being based in London. Through our specially designed program over the course of six months you will experience every aspect of working at a Financial Services firm whilst also being able to fit your time with us round your study’s, work and lifestyle.

Induction & Training

Market Foundations

Regulatory Compliance

Writing Styles & Industry Terminology

Technical Market Training

Analytical Training

Departmental Placements

When you reach this stage, you’ll be taken through the intermediate departmental modules.  Based on what our heads of departments have viewed in your reports, they will already have an idea of where they believe your strengths are and will engage you with specific extra curricular activities to allow you to utilize what you have learnt. We’ll introduce you to the key concepts in the modules and look at what’s involved.


Each department head will be updated with your progress reports throughout the program leading up to this stage and will make an informed decision on where we feel you are best placed moving forwards.  However at this stage, you will have open access to each module to give you the opportunity of showing us where you feel your true strengths and passion lies whilst also being provided a broad spectrum of knowledge regarding the financial markets industry.

Market Reading & Analysis

Analytical Processes

Applied Market Economics

Risk Analysis & Portfolio Design

Communication Compliance

Social Communication & Messaging

Advanced  Experience

The Advanced Departmental Module is what we consider to be the end of your internship program.  By this stage you will have a great understanding of what it means to be a member of The House of Trading and what the actual various roles entail. The final stage in which we will be closely monitoring each and every one of you to determine who, if anyone, has the necessary talent for the opportunity of applying for a permanent position with us in the future.


The modules here have been specifically chosen to allow us to view you at your most heightened potential and to see precisely how you handle each task in anticipation of our decision on you becoming a valuable asset to the relevant department head and business overall.

Media & Presentation Training

Project Management

Trading Department Placement

Market Economics One-on-One

Analytical Writing – Advisory Notes

National & Regional Advisorys

Internship Application Form