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Modern Trading

Old School Values

As a Forex education provider, The House of Trading was founded on the core value that every trader is unique and requires a tailored learning environment. We believe it is our duty to offer the highest quality education made affordable to everyone.


We provide comprehensive education to people who have chosen to trade full or part-time, in a way that suits them. Our team of traders and analysts have extensive experience, our Head of Trading has a long and successful career spanning over 25 years within the financial markets alongside our in-house economist who advises global governments and has a background in socio-political economics.

What We Do

We coach traders of all skill levels whether they are new or experienced, we are here to teach them how to trade the Forex markets sustainably. Our aim is to integrate your previous experience and trading knowledge to enhance your preferred trading style and to help you reach a level of consistent profitability.

Our approach is to offer simple and balanced technical and economic foundations on which you can build your trading style. We are here to make trading work for you. Our team will give you the individual support, coaching and hand-on experience you need to become a successful trader.

What do we teach?

With the aid of our comprehensive course, you will familiarise yourself with common trading terminology, master powerful chart analysis tools and move towards the trading mind-set of a professional trader. Our team will be with you through the good, the bad and the ugly, helping you identify your strengths and refine your areas of weakness until you have mastered a trading style that suits you. Trading is a profession, so we offer a bespoke service, tailoring education around your personality, lifestyle and overall environmental circumstances.

How do we teach it?

Our hands-on approach to learning will help you to gain the knowledge and skills that will make you a consistently profitable trader. Learning with us will give you access to our course, all live content and personalised tutoring from our team. Through practical based learning we can help you to identify strengths and areas of weakness in your system processes. When it comes to personal development you get out what you put in, which is why we ensure you get the most out of your education with us. We are with you every step of the way.

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Our Services

Contact us to discuss opportunities to join our house funds which use a capital protected fund setup and management structure.