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Modern Trading

Old School Values

The House of Trading is an integrated financial services company. We combine the newest advances in modern economic modelling and market sentiment forecasting with expert support for traders and institutions.


We provide market intelligence for institutions, we train traders for the City and offer white labelling of our economic products and webinars. We will also soon be providing money management services.


We offer banks, brokers and other institutions a fully integrated service for their traders and the opportunity to ‘bulk’ purchase membership to our advanced course and support packages. Call us to discuss your requirements.


Improve your profitability by joining hundreds of likeminded traders as a member of our Club. Every day, you’ll have access to the same specialist market forecasting tools and daily webinars as our bank and broking clients, all provided by our resident traders, economists and finance specialists.

White Label Content

Get your brand on our products with the White Label Content Service, a cost-effective way to grow your company brand using the knowledge of our expert economists and analysists. We will work with you to design a programme of institutional-grade market intelligence delivered straight to your clients using your own brand and channels.  

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Institutional Education

If you want to turn trading into a successful career or supplement your income, earn as you learn with full membership. We provide you with over 100 individual expert teaching videos, written course guides and weekly mentoring and support sessions.

Money Management 

Contact us to discuss opportunities to join our house funds which use a capital protected fund setup and management structure.